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"Just like, not all dogs are created equal...  neither are trainers or their programs.    @ Vom Ridgeline we take each day..  each dog..  and work the moment.   It's our job to know when to give!.. and when to take!    We believe that all dog's have their own story,  at times we may need to customize our programs to make them successful for the dog and handler."  

Our training spots are very limited,!   So don't wait to get your questions answered and your spot reserved! 

Please look over our  training programs if you have any question or are unsure where your dog should start, a pro trainer will  schedule a phone consultation and help answer question and explain our programs.


Note: Evaluation is our first step with every dog before training is started! 

This gives us the opportunity to watch your dog and evaluate the dog’s natural abilities & desires or concerns. Your dog will be put on birds in the field and worked.  (if applies) The dog will have the opportunity to demonstrate his or her desire for entering the water. We are looking at hunt desire, natural point, (w/pointing breeds) drive and use of nose. We also check for gun sensitive issues and if the dog is a natural retriever. After we have completed the evaluation we will discuss our results with you and make plans/goals moving forward. 

Early Development    

(start as early as 6-months of age)

30-Day Program

This ensures a young dog is excited about birds/game and has learned the basics of how to work his/her natural instincts. This level elevates the dog’s intensity of prey drive and readies them for the formal stages of training. The dog is also properly introduced to Birds, Gun, Field and Water.   

Level One:  (Obedience)

30-Day Program

Our basic obedience program, (here, heel, sit, kennel & e-collar conditioning) is a very important step for your dog to learn... If we do not have commands properly used and boundaries clearly set in the backyard then we have an out of control dog in the field or on the water.

Level Two:

(Building Confidence / Birds, Field & Water)

30-Day Program

After we have completed level one, we transition to the field in a controlled situation utilizing bumpers, birds and or game teaching dogs to properly work field and or water.  We work the dogs utilizing commands taught to help perfect and intensify the dog’s natural ability building confidence, Independence, nose and desire increasing performance. At this level we are able to determine if the dog is a natural retriever or has developed a suitable retrieve for the owner and their hunting style.

Level Three:  (Trained Retrieve)

60-Day Program

Trained Retrieve.. (force-fetching the dog to retrieve) We try to make this process as easy on the dog as possible, but still achieve the desired results. This step Includes.. Table work.. hold, fetch, delivery, retrieving drills & force to pile. (Bumpers, Birds & Game) Note: Dog must have completed obedience and understands how to work pressure.

Level Four:  (Advanced Trained Retrieve)

30-Day Program

 Advance training to our Level Three program. During this stage (water dogs) we work on shore breaking, marks, blind retrieves, multiple retrieves & honoring. (upland dogs) marking drills, blind retrieves & multiple retrieves. this step takes all the lessons the dog has learned and brings everything together for a solid performance. 


Field  /  Water

30-Day Program

This is program based upon the readiness of each dog and is designed to the utility of the dog.  A pro trainer will contact you to determine where your dog is at with his or her training.  Based upon evaluation results and readiness you and the trainer will set goals for moving forward.

Educating Handler: (Going Home)

This stage is a very important stage.. As the trainer we have built a solid foundation and set boundaries for your dog. Together we must educate you the handler/owner.  At this point your dog will and wants to perform for us. We will work with you to ensure you have the tools, confidence and knowledge you will need to duplicate our commands and enthusiasm ensuring your success with your dog.

Owners need to  understand...  training for your dog is no different than it would be for us. If we do not exercise what we have learned, we will not continue be as successful. 

Please Note: When picking up your dog plan on spending the time necessary to become educated. Also please leave your distraction in the vehicle!

Private Lessons Available 

Private instruction by a Pro-Trainer are offered at $150 an hour, $500 for a half day and $800 for a full day of hands on instruction.

Our training spots are very limited each year, so don't wait to get your questions answered and your spot reserved!

 Vom Ridgeline LLC.  Specializes in Gun Dog Training.

Contact us to reserve your spot.    (435) 322-0156

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday    6:00am - 5:00pm

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"Roger Kynaston"

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