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Extreme Dog Fuel is a premium food designed to deliver the nutrition your dog needs for an active, healthy and long life. Each of our formulas use only select ingredients blended specifically to meet the needs of your dog. Our Elite Nutrition formulas are perfect for dogs that enjoy a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, a vigorous hike through the woods, working in field trials, or a full day hunting. Our professional formulas are ideal for high-performance dogs that spend a lot of energy during long days in the field, training or competing.

All Extreme Dog Fuel formulas contain our exclusive Omega Extreme Skin and Haircoat System for healthy skin and a beautiful coat. They also include probiotics to improve digestion and key ingredients to promote healthy joints.

We never add extras that provide no benefit to the dog just to be able to charge a higher price. Our nutritionists insist on the perfect blend of premium ingredients that deliver optimal nutritional benefits your dog deserves.

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Our Story...
Extreme Dog Fuel

My name is Roger Kynaston. I am the owner and pro-Trainer here at Vom Ridgeline llc. 

   Here at our training facility we work with many different breeds of dogs on many different levels. We expect a dog to be able to learn, work, have a stable mind and body with good energy. etc. 

I believe dogs are a lot like humans in they need a good diet with proper nutrition and healthy ingredients. If we have a dog not properly digesting food then he or she is out of balance. I have been training dogs for over 29 years and i can tell you i have used many different brands of feed. From high overpriced feed and feed that was very economical.  Some feeds were good and some not so good. But i always seem to be searching for something better.  

       In 2019 I had a client bring his dog in for training. First thing I noticed was how well balanced the dog  seemed to be. His coat had a great sheen to it, the pigment was very dark and the muscle build & conformation on the dog was outstanding. But what is the dogs stamina and energy like? Well to say the least I was amazed… This dog was on fire and full of energy. How was training going to work with a dog like this?  I soon found out that his willingness to learn, work and please was off the charts. He spent 4 months with us during that time and has returned for boarding and tuneups each year. He still looks amazing and works hard every time. I contributed a lot of these things to the dogs diet. A happy, healthy, energetic stable dog. 

       This pushed me into doing more research... I got in contact with Extreme Dog Fuel owner Keith. We had great conversations about dog food, proper nutrition and healthy ingredients etc. I learned a lot from our conversations, Keith is full of knowledge and experience. Extreme Dog Fuel facility is located in Tennessee and our Training facility in Utah with no distributors or dealers anywhere close. This posed an issue that needed to be addressed if I wanted the feed.. So I became an Independent sales rep. for Extreme Dog Fuel.


I am excited to announce we have now resolved the issue and have our first local dealer in Altamont Utah. (Country Flair) I am also in the process of setting up more locations in Utah and also working on location in other states. If you are interested in learning more about Extreme Dog Fuel feed or more about how you can become part of the team. 


Please reach out to me..

Extreme Dog Fuel

Independent Sale Rep.

Roger Kynaston


What sets us apart?
Superior nutrition at the lowest possible price.

We’ve been told the amount of vitamins and minerals we use are overkill — that we could reduce cost by incorporating less of the expensive ingredients in our formula. But we believe the right mix of important ingredients makes a huge difference in your pet’s skin, coat, performance, durability, health, and longevity. 

We are consumers just like you and price is important. Even though the markets are very unpredictable at this time we will continue to do our part to keep our products at an affordable price. We want everyone to be able to afford to feed their dogs the best!

With 30 years of manufacturing experience, 20 years as a nutritionist, and having run most major brands out there, I’m confident that all our formulas will compete with or beat anything out there, and at a lot lower cost. We do this by being efficient and smart.

Thanks again for your support. And give us a call if you have any questions.

Keith Dodson
Owner, Extreme Dog Fuel.

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