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 Kyle Schukei, California  *****5/5

Roger is an outstanding guy. Roger always answers any questions you have and guided me through my first VJP and HZP. I can't thank him enough for his time, generosity, and his passion for the breed. I am very fortunate to have gotten a pup from Vom Ridgeline. I look forward to getting a pup from him in the future, knowing he produces the best quality of dogs.

 JEFF MOON, Idaho  *****5/5

Roger is a dog guy plain and simple. He has a​ awesome set up and will invite you to view his kennel’s anytime. When I left my Draht with Roger I asked him to force fetch him for me. He always kept in contact with me to let me know how my dog was doing and even sent pictures of my boy. When the time came to pick up my dog he spent the whole day with me explaining and showing me what my dog was now capable of. I couldn’t of been happier with how my pup turned out, his retrieve was amazing and his obedience was off the charts. Due to the couple months he spent with Roger I was able to run him through his HZP test where he had the highest score for that test. I highly recommend Roger as a trainer, he is so good with dogs and understands how to get the best out of them. He is a heck of a trainer but even a better guy. I feel like I have a friend for life now and I feel like I can reach out to him anytime if I have a question about my dog, hunting or really anything.

Thanks again Roger!

Anyone reading this is welcome to reach out to me and I’d be glad to talk with you about my experience and even show you some videos of my dog after his stay at Vom Ridgeline training.

Jeff 208-360-2675

JUSTIN PICKETT, Utah  *****5/5

We take all our dogs to Roger. He is honest and upfront with everything he does. Always updates us with the progress of our dogs. 

GORDON MCLEAN, Idaho  *****5/5

Get a Drahthaar they said, it will be amazing! So of course the true hunt was on for a Draht! After getting declined luck was on my side cause I found thing guy Roger Kynaston!! Not only is he an amazing breeder and outstanding dog trainer but an outstanding friend, father, grandpa and husband!

In the words of his amazing wife Megan,

Roger is my Husband. We have been married for 25 years and have 3 kids. The first thing Roger bought me was a black lab. I knew from the beginning how connected he was to dogs. It is hard to put into words that he has a special way with dogs, but I can tell you after watching him for so long he is passionate about what he does. He is very in tune to everything that is going on with the dogs. All the way from what the dog is eating, when the dog is eating, how much the dog is eating and if the dog is eating to how they are reacting to their environment and considering what environment they have come from. He has trained so many different types of dogs and they are never the same. I am always amazed how quickly he figures out their special needs and personalities. He is also amazing at figuring out the owner/handler and helping them transition back with the dog. His passion for his own breeding line

Vom Ridgeline Drahthaars is amazing. He could talk about the breed all day long and loves the diversity and temperament they come with. He is very serious about always trying to do what is best for the breed. Roger is simply amazing and committed to what he does. He is up long before the sun and anyone else and is in bed long after me. Everything in between usually consists of dogs, hunting and bringing the two together. Roger has definitely made some life long friendships through the “dog world “ and I am sure there are many more to come.

From us Idaho rednecks you can see it’s been awesome I can’t thank you enough for the badass dogs and all the dang help! Look forward to many more bearded badasses 🍻!

David Ashley Waldrep, Georgia  *****5/5

Roger is a top notch trainer. He has trained one dog for us and we bought another pup from him in which he is training now. We live in GA and he always calls to discuss the progress of our pup as well as sends videos. Roger has such a connection with the dogs. You will not be disappointed with his service. You become like a part of his family We flew out to see he and his family and they are for sure welcoming and make you feel so welcomed and loved. We are so blessed to have found Roger ! There is no better trainer! Roger is by far the best with the dogs! You can tell that this is what Roger loves to do! Thank you Vom Ridgeline (Roger) for training our dog to do all that we expected and more. We cannot wait to spend more time with you and your family and get our second dog! You will not be sorry for having Roger as a trainer or I should say you will be wasting your time and money if you do not have Roger at Vom Ridgeline ! THANK YOU IS NOT ENOUGH! AMAZING FAMILY !

Jason Marsh, Utah  *****5/5

Taking our dog to Roger was the best thing we could of done. He is honest with you right from the start. No surprise charges or extra charges to put birds over the dogs, just one flat fee per month. He updated us weekly on her progress with pictures, videos and phone calls on her progress. He talked to me about her personality and how you have to work with her since she is a more timid personality. I have watched his videos for reference with me now training her and keeping her up on her skills which is very helpful to have that reference saved for me. It’s like my own personal cheat sheet for my dog. He doesn’t just do a cookie cutter training he customizes your dogs training to what you specifically want with commands he gives the dog, how far to circle in front of you, how you want them to hold or flush and the command to do that, what types of obedience traits you want, etc.... I remember him telling me he learned another languages command words so that when the dog went back home to whatever country it was from that the dog would respond with out difficulty for the owner. Roger has been fantastic about answering all my questions now that she is back home with us. I love knowing that I am able to reach out to him for advice since I am no professional my self. Now that our dog is back home I have been out with a bunch of people hunting and the comment always comes up from the other hunters saying that the dog we have is how a professional hunting dog should be. That type of a compliment is all because of his work and training. He truly loves what he does and only wants to see you and your dog achieve that bond and love for the sport of bird hunting. He is the only dog trainer I will recommend and you will not be disappointed with your results!

SIERRA HAZE, Utah  *****5/5

Roger went out of his way to make sure my dog and I were taken care of and he got the training he needed. He made sure to thoroughly explain the process to me and was very flexible with my schedule. He took a ton of time making sure he knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish with my dog, and made it happen! He spent time teaching me to make sure im able to implement the training after taking my pup home. He took very good care of my dog and made sure I was kept updated! My dog responds very well and I plan to bring my other dog to him as well!

Casey Isom, Utah  *****5/5

Roger is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. My Brittany was timid and hung up on fetching birds. She would fetch anything but a bird-especially pheasants. He worked with her slowly and gently. She now loves it and is a hunting machine. She retrieves so well and is so much fun to hunt with. Roger is the guy other trainers send problem dogs to. I recommend him highly. Thanks.

Charlie Casper, Utah  *****5/5

In a world where trainers promise you quick results and give you a “timeline” without ever assessing your pup, it was refreshing to cross paths with one who does not. Roger is upfront, honest and takes pride in getting the most out of each dog individually. He is always working to overcome each obstacle and maximize your dogs ability. His dedication and love for what he does, as well as his attention to each client makes him an easy referral.

Shawn Taylor, Utah  *****5/5

I have taken 2 gun shy dogs to Roger at vom Ridgline and could not be more pleased with the out come. the amount of bird drive my dogs come home with. The obedience training is amazing. He kept in good contact with updates by pictures videos and phone calls was better then expected. The kennel he runs is very clean organized and well put together. Roger is the trainer you are looking for if you want amazing results in training and proper care for your dog hands down.

John Graham, Utah  *****5/5

A great guy and dog trainer . Works with your dogs and their individual problems. Willing to try different training methods. Dogs training in a loving family environment.

Easton Taylor, Utah  *****5/5

Great company treated my dog great and definitely put the quality time in and pride, I couldnt be more impressed highly recommend!

Ellen Lewis, Wyoming  *****5/5

We have a goldendoodel. Family dog, spoiled rotten. took him to Roger and with in a short period of time and instructions for the Owens the dog he is very obedient. Follows commands very well . That tells me the training was done the right way. Not only for the Dog but the owners as well. Thank you Roger

Richard Palmer, Utah  *****5/5

Roger is an does have the patience an know how to make a awesome gun dog seen it hundreds of times give him a call if you want a champion dog nuff said go see for yourself.

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